The Upside of Quitting...Next Chapter

Borrowing the title from Freakonomics Radio, It is time to end the experiment of 3 Peaks.
Simply put this passion of mine was distracting from other priorities, namely Family.
Please enjoy the simple link below to the Freakonomics Radio podcast episode, for a little something out of left field.
The Upside of Quitting @ Freakonomics Radio

Please follow me on to my next adventure, Busy or Happy.

The post on this blog will follow the Pomodoro technique, giving me 25 minutes to clearly express my thoughts, tapping into Parkinson's law, and spending less time trapped in the digital world...which is kind of the point.

- 8020rich

Why we wake up tired, diving into sleep hygiene

If we don't "work" at sleep, we are left with the same limited results. Technology could prove to be the most valuable tool...while you sleep.

A friend of mine recently had a baby and I bumped into him after a long period of absence. His dilemma, I have free time maybe I should stay and catch up with you, or...maybe I go get some sleep. With a polite shove, I nudged him in the direction of his home and told him we would catch up soon. Sleep is one our most valuable commodities (specifically endocrine health), the opportunity costs and self-induced wound (not limited to the rich and powerful) related to sleep are best explained by Ariana Huffington. You either make a poor decision with consequences or lose alertness and lose control of potential consequences. Ariana simply blacked out and whacked her head, it was a wake-up call that by becoming uber driven she had overlooked how essential sleep was.

It wasn't until I heard a "School of Greatness" podcast in which Lewis Howes interviewed Ameer Rosic, that things clicked. Simply put, we all suffer from lack of sleep from time to time, the sleep we lose accumulates in a piggy bank of "Sleep Debt". The bad news, our body never recuperates that sleep debt. Have you noticed after a couple of rough nights, you suffer memory and cognitive impairment, your performance dips, and alertness drops off. The actual physiological effects mimic drunk driving, hence the term drowsy driving. And this is simply stating some short term effects, long term effects simply increase your mortality risks (period).

Now for the good news, we live in a new age which integrates the "Quantified Self-tracking"  into your daily life. A great device for measuring sleep is a Fitbit, but some people find them clunky or uncomfortable. Other apps (e.g. Sleep Cycle) allow you to simply place your phone (on airplane mode) at the corner of the bed, and all you have to do is sleep. I like the accuracy of the Fitbit, and how it breaks down, how long I was in bed and how long I actually slept. There is a big difference if you aim for 7 hours of sleep, stay in bed the minimum 7 hours, and end up with 25 minutes of ain't sleeping. Sleep Cycle is an app I've used for the past year and a half. The clever thing about the Sleep Cycle is you can add sleep notes (indicators). I have close to 50 possible notes, e.g. what time of day did I drink coffee, workout, drink alcohol, email, study a foreign language, go to bed, type of workout, pop some melatonin, and how much sleep did I get the night before. With all this info, it compares the quality of my sleep, with my inputs and ranks which input gives me the most effective sleep. I can program the perfect day for perfect sleep...but we don't live in a perfect world.

On the flip side, If you have a big presentation coming up, wouldn't you like the following checklist to execute the day before: 

My secret  to a good night of sleep

- Go to bed @ 22:45 (13% increase in sleep quality)
- Cardio Session at the gym (12% increase)
- Pop some Melatonin (12% increase)

The above is based on my sleep patterns and sleep quality. If you put in a bit of time to both vary your inputs and measure your sleep patterns, you can have a cheat sheet and feel immediate effects.

Think about it, if you can't hit 7 hours in bed, or 7 hours of consistent sleep, at least the sleep you are getting is 10% better than before.  

6:00 hours of improved sleep is roughly equal to 6:36 hours of your standard sleep. 
6 hours also taps into interval sleeping, whereas each sleep interval is 90 minutes.

The reason going to bed at 22:45 is ideal for me, is due to my waking time of 6:15 (this has shifted recently to 5:00), This allows me to fulfill my 90-minute sleep interval. 90 x 5 = 7.5 hours.

Regardless, prioritize sleep. Defend it, because there's no robbing the Sleep Debt "Piggy Bank" unless you believe what you hear around silicon valley, "We'll sleep when we're dead".

Some more great podcast interviews revolving around sleep hygiene:

3 Peaks : Week 13 (Health)

For this week I have three podcasts about Health (why, how, and how2)

Dave Asprey @ Self Made Man (161228)

_Bulletproof Productivity Hacks For Your Best Year Ever…

I heard this at the tail end of last year and found it fascinating. Dave Asprey, the driver behind bulletproof coffee, covers the bulletproof diet, paleo diet, his health issues and nootropics. He dove into biohacking headfirst when he reached a plateau, whereas he had a "healthy diet" and still had bad levels. Intriguing sidebars include negative health issues related to wireless (wifi) signals and his high-density DEXA scan which identified that by carrying his cell phone in his front pocket on one leg, his bone density was slightly lower (10%) than his other leg. In the end, he also addresses blue lights and effects on Sleep Hygiene.

link to this episode @ Self Made Man

p.s. Dave Asprey appeared more recently on the School of Greatness and is packed with takeaways. I would recommend listening to both podcasts but start with Self Made Man as I believe it offers a better origin story. 

link to this episode @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Robb Wolf @  The Becoming Super Human Podcast (ep.113 / 170321)

_How We Are Wired To Eat – And How To “Rewire” Your Body For Optimal Health

Robb Wolf presents a 2.0 approach to Paleo diet and acknowledges takeaways from Paleo's success (positive and negative).There was an acutely poignant take on the adaptation of the Paleo Diet. Armed with new research and years of observation, his new book dives deeper to help empower people and target a better subset. Additionally, by adding ""...Determine the Foods That Work for You." to the title he is encouraging adaptability and flexibility. In the end, he also touches on maximizing sleep and how it helps decisions which otherwise can compound and self-sabotage as a possible result. As an autonomous self-tracker (Fitbit, Tinke, Tanita scales and beyond), his use of a continuous glucose monitor to maximize individual health sounds like the beginning of a new movement.

link to this episode @ The Super Human Podcast

Kevin Krase @ The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders (ep.195 / 170320)

_15 Time Management Secrets

I've listened to Kevin Kruse's podcast Extreme Productivity over the years, and it's packed with insight and hands on information. Hearing Kevin interviewed was a treat.  The first success habit Kevin shares, revolves around Health. This can relate to the quality of sleep, water hydration, movement and everyday exercises but in the end, if you can address your health and energy you will be more productive. I was impressed by the caliber of the interview and liked how Health came to the surface to cure decision fatigue. I've recently had my routines knocked out of rythm, I can attest to both the physical toll in decision fatigue and the cracks that appear in the power of choice.

link to this episode @ The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders

Jordan Harbinger @ The Art of Charm (ep.m.46 / 170326)

_BONUS : Minisode // Self-Sabotage Cessation

This minisode ties in nicely with the theme touched on by Ricardo Semlar and his quote in Week 12.

link to this episode @ The Art of Charm

Don't judge a Celebrity by it's cover

I've passed over an Art of Charm interview with Shaquille O'Neal, several times this week. I just couldn't see the value add of listening to Shaq. This is the first of many times I've been wrong on skipping past Celebrity Interviews.

Shaquille O'Neal @ The Art of Charm (ep.602 / 170323)
Shaq was grounded, explained the importance of "panels" or mastermind groups, addressed Nepotism, and even had a fun story in supporting Tom's you can imagine they don't make his size (22US/56EU).

Have a listen, he won me over.

Other noteworthy interviews: 

Cesar Millan @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (ep.455 / 170308)
I think my friend summed it up best...OOOOH MY GOOOD!!

link to this episode @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Kevin Costner @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.119 / 151116)
There is a touching, vulnerable story where Costner was picked on by a teacher early in school and developed an inferiority complex that led him into acting. I tip my hat to Costner.

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

B.J. Novak @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.121 / 151125)
I just assumed this guy was overrated. Man..., hard work and good systems all the way.

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Jon Favreau @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.71 / 150414)
I always respected his craft but to hear it addressed, dissected and some fun stories of cookery training between Ferriss and Favreau were memorable.

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Jamie Foxx @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.124 / 151206)
This interview is bubbly, and Ferriss makes it look easy. That is why Ferriss had the top podcast best of iTunes in 2014, 2015 and 2016. To get someone reminiscing so deeply,  and capture so many soundbites, it is a true gift.

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Larry King @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (ep.361 / 160801)
People were raving about this episode for good reason.

link to this episode @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Cal Fussman @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.183 / 160831)
I got to say, Larry might have been bested by his good friend Cal Fussman. He tells the most endearing story of Mohammed Ali, it touches on greatness.

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Adam Robinson @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.219 / 170202)
Another great story is via Adam Robinson and his firsthand account of Bobby Fischer's long con of the Russians. Ferriss strikes again. 

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Biggest regret 8 years after reading "The 4-Hour Workweek".

Back in 2009, I was an Architectural Draftsman/Designer preparing for my National Board exams.
A friend of mine suggested The 4-Hour Workweek, 2007 for some productivity tricks. The book had a profound impact on me (finding a silver lining when I lost my job) and definitely put me in a better place to prepare for my exams and for life in general. However, looking back 8 years later...I have one regret I wish I would have started back in 2009 or sooner, to say the least.


I started using this tool last month when I decided to ramp things up and launch 3 Peaks. It was also a tool highlighted in The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast, 2015.

 I don't think my rambling will serve you, simply try it out for yourself. It's a great medium to capture and organize your thoughts. Scribbles, weblinks, texts, quick recordings...all are welcome.

3 Peaks : Week 12 (Action)

For this week I have three podcasts to inspire, think different, ponder, and take Action.

Peter Diamandis @ Self Made Man (170119)

_How To Be Bold, Go Big, And Impact The World…

I've read Peter Diamandis's book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, 2012 and recommend it to anyone that sees too many dark clouds on the horizon.This podcast not just inspires to take action, but to go big and positively impact the world.
There will be plenty of hard work and obstacles including time (days/months/years) to overcome, but Peter Diamandis is an authority of growing and overcoming mountains of opportunity.

link to this episode @ Self Made Man

Ricardo Semler @ The Tim Ferriss Show (ep.229 / 170319)

_The Seven-Day Weekend and How to Break the Rules

This interview shows the benefits of stepping outside the box and questioning the status quo. Some great wisdom is shared via a poem by Kafka "Vor dem Gesetz."
We will all face obstacles, but the sooner we overcome the inner obstacles, the simpler our path will become. Additionally, Ricardo shares how he now celebrates time and bucket list events before any life changing event, rather than be bound by the finality of time.
"A man from the country seeks the law and wishes to gain entry to the law through an open doorway, but the doorkeeper tells the man that he cannot go through at the present time. The man asks if he can ever go through, and the doorkeeper says that it is possible "but not now" ("jetzt aber nicht"). The man waits by the door for years, bribing the doorkeeper with everything he has. The doorkeeper accepts the bribes, but tells the man that he accepts them "so that you do not think you have failed to do anything." The man does not attempt to murder or hurt the doorkeeper to gain the law, but waits at the door until he is about to die. Right before his death, he asks the doorkeeper why even though everyone seeks the law, no one else has come in all the years. The doorkeeper answers "No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it."
- Goethe 

link to this episode @ The Tim Ferriss Show

Jeff Sanders @ The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders (ep.194 / 170313)

_The Power of Knowing Everything: Weekly Review 2.0

This is a great listen to harness your inspired energy and put it into action. This is the extra dose of kick ass I put in my coffee every morning. I would recommend reading Jeff Sander's book The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast, 2015 cover to cover once. Then read through it a second time reviewing your notes and maximizing your gleaning the details that matter most to you. The 30-day plan is solid. It will get you on track but should be approached as a serious endeavor which might require a total of 3 months to accomplish the details outlined and get maximum value. If you couple this book with this podcast episode, you will successfully tame the monkey mind and start your day out efficiently and reduce distractions in life allowing for greater focus throughout the day.

link to this episode @ The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders

Lewis House @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (ep.459 / 170317)


Queue this episode up for 5 minutes of megaphone motivation.
"Set a Goal so Big and so Unrealistic that people fucking laugh at you."
- Lewis Howes

link to this episode @ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes